Child abuse victim Greta Thunberg is in the US scolding all of us about (let me check to see what we are using currently) the “climate crisis”. Greta is self admitted to having aspergers, and her’s is a heart wrenching tale. After fixating on global warming (as it was called back then) at age 8, she was so traumatized she couldn’t eat, stopped speaking and “recovered” by launching her global effort to get people do to something about the boogieman she has fixed on.

It is sickening that no one is concerned about this girl’s mental health, instead they sing her praises, call her a leader and address her like she is an expert. She is an autistic child who has an unhealthy fixation on a politically correct topic, not a scientist. From what I can tell she has no framework to understand that the numbers people are promoting about “climate change” are computer based predictions.